Message from Our Founder, CEO Laura C. Bulluck

CEO Power Talks is a space where C-level executives share their personal and corporate mission, vision, and strategies acquired to hold the highest-ranking position in their organization.  CEO’s have the responsibility for the overall success of the organization and has the ultimate authority to make the final for their organization.  But it can’t stop there.  This responsibility can’t live inside the four walls of your organization only, we must take this executive-level leading out to our community.

Sheryl Sandberg shared in her TED Talk ” Why We Have Too Few Leaders “that only 15% of CEO level positions are held by women and that only 20% of NonProfit leaders are women. We must open the doors for more women to have a seat at the CEO table and let their brilliance shine.  CEO Power Talks will open those doors and give access to the strategic conversation, critical thinking sessions, and best practices with the intention of uplifting other women to reach and breakthrough that ultimate glass ceiling.

The CEO Power Talks conversations will be held in various US cities and shared with our communities through our partnership with Vertikal Media Group.   Inviting others to join us on the journey of many women that are walking the walk and talking the talk to extend a hand for those reaching for knowledge and expertise of CEO-level leadership.  We must bring to light those grass-root level initiatives in our communities that are preparing those who desire it, a gateway to Executive Leadership. This will give young women access to a seat at the table.

The foundation is set for these conversations to begin and if you are in the role of CEO, we invite you to join our CEO Power Talk Page.  We will be launching the CEO Power Talk session in Arizona and California this summer, so stay on the watch dates and times near you.

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